Conversation with a foreigner in Singapore and why PAP support will grow

I want to share a conversation that i had with a PRC colleague of mine. Let me say this that i don’t hate the foreigners that are here but i am against the policies and the attitude of the PAP that allowed these foreigners to enter Singapore in an uncontrolled manner. The PAP themselves admitted that they were taken “by surprise” by the large number of foreigners.

Btw, this PRC colleague has a Singaporean husband and they live in Aljunied GRC. The conversation goes like this. I asked who would they be supporting during this GE. Her reply was that her husband is supporting PAP. I asked why. She said that she had asked her husband to support the PAP because the PAP can “write letters” for her. I told her voting based on such self-interests did not consider the larger picture, which is the need for greater accountability and for real debate in Parliament. And also for social equality and political justice, including towards opposition candidates.

I sincerely implore all Singaporeans to really think carefully of what they are voting for. Do you wish to continue to vote for your personal self-interests, such as the promise of upgrading, instead of looking at the larger picture, which is for greater transparency and accountability in Parliament. Only through greater accountability and real debate, i feel that better policies will emerge that considers the needs of Singaporeans. For example, upgrading should be based on fair and objective criteria, such as the age of flats and the demograhics of the estate and not voting outcome. This is not forgetting that upgrading is funded by tax payers’ monies and not PAP’s own funds!

Foreigners already make up one third of the total Singapore population of more than 5 million people. Please dont forget that new citizens are not included in this one third. Therefore, actual number of foreigners or new citizens may actually be larger and statistically (and from my anecdote above), these new migrants will vote for the incumbent party. If there is a conspiracy theory, this is perhaps the PAP’s strategy to retain its power perpetually. If the opposition does not score a strong win (i dont mean just one GRC and 2 SMC seats), the next election will probably include these new migrants voters and guess how the votes will swing! I hate to think of this. The opposition needs to win at least a third of the Parliament seats, ie about 27-30 seats, so that the PAP cannot amend the constitution at its free will.

Dear Singaporean brothers and sisters and Singaporeans with foreign spouses, girl friends or boy friends, etc, pls consider the larger issues at hand and vote with your conscience. Please also do not vote out of fear. See link below for facts on voting and counting process. Pls also go out today and speak to everyone you know to ask that they support the need for more opposition in Parliament.

For those who sincerely believe in the opposition cause, pls speak up now before it’s too late. We can and must do something about it. United, our voices will be heard. United, we can make Singapore a better home for all Singaporeans. Majulah Singapura.

Facts on voting secrecy and the voting and counting process:

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Your vote is secret. Please vote with your conscience and not out of fear.

Dear fellow Singaporeans,

Your vote is secret. Anyone who tells you otherwise or suggests differently is either very ignorant or trying to spread fear for some ulterior motive. See links below.

Ask any questions if you have any doubts. Many asked about the serial numbers and why your poll card number needs to be recorded on your voting slip. This is to prevent fraud. Without these numbers, a person with access to the blank voting slips can insert fraudulent voting slips. There are volunteer observers from the political parties who will also be there to ensure that the voting process is carried out fairly.

Please also do not cast a spoilt vote as a sign of protest as the spoilt vote will only “help” the incumbent as spoilt votes are not counted as part of total valid votes. Example, if there are only 4 voters, 2 voted for “P” and 1 voted for “O” and 1 spoilt vote. The winning percentage for “P” is 66% and not 50%. Hope this helps you understand the implication of spoilt votes.

If you sincerely feel that this GE is critical, please volunteer as a polling or counting agent with the parties that you support. Call them or check out their websites. There are not enough volunteers due to the large number of seats contested at this GE. (Btw, I have volunteered as both polling and counting agent. Hope you can do the same.)

Pls spread the word around so that as many Singaporean voters as possible can truly vote with their conscience and not out of fear.

For a better Singapore for Singaporeans.

Your vote is secret:

Overview of voting process:

1. The polling station is open from 8 am to 8 pm on polling day. Before the
commencement of the voting, the election (Presiding) officer should show to
whoever is present there that the ballot box is empty.

Then he should close the box and seal / lock it such that it cannot be opened unless the seal / lock is broken.

2. Each voter will be given one ballot paper by officials. The name and NRIC
shall be called out; the polling card number will be written on counterfoil and ballot paper handed to voter. On the electors’ register, a mark will be placed against the voter’s name to indicate that the voter has voted.


(Note. Recording the poll card number on the voting slip is to prevent voting fraud. If there are no reference to the poll card number on the voting slip, fraudulent voting slips can be inserted that are not issued to any voter. Therefore, the serial numbers recorded on the back of each voting slip ensure that the voting slip is valid.)
3. After the voter collected the ballot paper, only the election (presiding) officer
can explain to the voter the methods of voting in the presence of the polling agent
but cannot in any manner direct the voter to vote for any candidate. If the voter is
blind or physically unable to vote, the officer could mark the ballot paper as
directed by the voter. Nobody else can communicate with the voter between ballot collection and voting.
4. The voter should proceed to polling booth, secretly mark his vote, fold the vote
and put it into the ballot box.

(Important note. Please complete your voting slip carefully but placing a cross within the box for the party that you are selecting. This is very strict as if the voting slip is completed carelessly, the vote could be easily deemed as invalid.)
5. If voter has accidentally handled his ballot paper such that it cannot be used, he can show proof and request another ballot paper. The spoilt ballot should be
immediately cancelled by the Presiding Officer.
6. Poll will close at 8 pm. No ballot paper will be given out after 8 pm. If at 8 pm
the ballot has been given out but the voter has not voted yet, he shall be allowed to vote.

Overview of counting process

1. Counting should start only after Returning Officer (RO) / Assist RO (ARO) confirms that all the ballot boxes designated to be counted at that Counting Place have been delivered to him.
2. Only RO / ARO / their assistants and clerks / candidates / counting agents
can be present at the counting.

(Note: Counting agents are representatives (volunteers) from each political party.)

3. During counting, votes should be put face up, so that the numbers behind
are not seen.

(Note. If you remember, the numbers behind represent the voter’s poll card number. This is important to ensure that the voting slip is indeed issued to a genuine voter.)
4. Any invalid votes must be endorsed as `Rejected’. Ground for rejecting
votes include ballots where the voters’ intention is uncertain, where the
vote is blank or where voter has written something by which he can be

(Important note: Therefore, please be careful when completing your voting slip. Please advise your elderly family members or relatives or friends to exercise care when they vote to prevent their votes from being rejected.)

5. RO/ ARO are to certify the results of poll at their Counting Places, and
announce to candidates / counting agents at each Counting Place. If there
is more than 1 Counting Place in any electoral division, the ARO should
send results to the Principal Counting Place to be added up at constituency
6. Re-count can be demanded by candidate or counting agent only if the
margin is 2% or less of the total votes cast (excluding spoilt votes).

7. After declaration of results of the poll by the RO, the ballot papers and all
other documents should be placed in any ballot boxes and sealed, signed by
candidates / counting agents.

(Note. The ballot boxes are sealed with tamper proof seals and candidates / counting agents sign across the seal. The boxes are then kept in the Supreme Court’s vault for 6 months. During the 6 months, any party that claims election fraud needs to apply for a court order to open the boxes. This will be the only time when the boxes are opened and the votes tallied to the register to ensure there are no fraudulent votes. Example of fraudulent voting slips include voting slips without poll card reference number on the back of the voting slip or voting slips with the same or invalid (ie non-existing) poll card number. If there are no disputes, the ballot boxes are incinerated after 6 months and only after the candidates and counting agents verified that the seals have not been tampered with.)

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